Local TV channel for the Peterborough conurbation and the Fenlands


Hereward Television will be benefiting disadvantaged local communities with new skills for increased employability

We are currently approaching potential funders and partners -  informing them of the forthcoming local broadcasting revolution

As a registered charity, our objectives are to advance the education and training of the inhabitants of Peterborough and its surrounding areas in broadcasting and audio, video and media skills techniques.We completed a five-venue tour of our broadcast region to unveil our plans to local communities this Spring. These "Discovery Evenings" were hosted in Peterborough, Bourne, Whittlesey, Chatteris and March. Our audiences were able to hear all about the progress made by Hereward Television in bringing local broadcasting to our region. So far, broadcast regulator Ofcom has awarded 34 Local TV licences for Freeview broadcasting across the UK, the method used for reception by 76% of the population, and we want to make sure we do not miss out on exploring this new frontier - we are also continuing our campaign of lobbying the advisers to regulators.

Hereward TV Directors Jade Cawthorn and Alex GeairnsAND WE WANT YOU TO BE INVOLVED. You can be part of the action, where our target beneficiaries will be able to feel connected with society again. There will be new skills you can learn in information technology, administration and broadcast production, transferable to a variety of possible new careers. Join our mailing list via the sign-up form at the bottom of this page, so you can be kept up-to-date with developments. Why not get involved behind the scenes, find out how to produce your own series, and we are also looking for local presenters to front our programmes. Local businesses will also benefit from targeted new advertising opportunities which we offer.

From Spalding, Bourne, and Holbeach in the North of our region, through Market Deeping, Crowland, Whittlesey, March, Yaxley, and down to Alconbury, Ramsey and Chatteris in the south, Local TV will be coming to all these areas. Some parts of Stamford, Oundle, Long Sutton and Wittering will also be covered.

Station Director Alex Geairns note: “We’re not quite talking about being a community version of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, but television is no longer something that you are simply given to watch. You can now create programmes which cover your own interests, which may not be served by the existing TV landscape, while learning skills which can be transferred to other jobs around our area. For those who are always thinking, when they are in front of the telly, ‘I could do better than that’, our channel provides the opportunity to put that to the test. All people need to do now is get in touch with us to ensure they are in at the beginning of this televisual revolution.”

Hereward TV was launched as part of 2015's Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival. A registered charity, the channel will be the ancillary output from the project work of our beneficiaries, and so we encourage the development of programme formats from the grass roots.


Hereward Media - A valued member of your community

If you are looking to volunteer, find out more by CLICKING HERE.

Hereward Television is borrowing a strapline from the previous local Hereward Radio, as it really is “The station you can really call your own.”

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We want to give our local community a hub, a place of focus, by using the most popular form of communication


We will be creating radio programmes for syndication to stations across the UK


Training in the disciplines surrounding all forms of broadcasting will be our core commitment.

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